Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Helical WL30 Series 24000 Nm Flange Mount

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Model No.: WL30-240-180-QQYJ, WL30-240-360-QQYJ, WL30-240-180-QHYJ, WL30-240-360-QHYJ, WL30-240-180-QQWJ, WL30-240-360-QQWJ, WL30-240-180-QHWJ, WL30-240-360-QHWJ
Rotation: 180°, 360°
Torque: 24000Nm
Counterbalance valve: Optional
Interchangeable with HELAC, HKS, and MOVECO
OEM quality
1-Year warranty

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WEITAI WL30 Series hydraulic rotary actuator is designed for harsh environment. It is heavy duty helical rotary device with torque output from 1900Nm up to 24000Nm at 21Mpa. The WL30 Series has rear flange mounting type and front flange mounting type, with 180 rotation degree and 360 degree rotation. It is widely applied to field of Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Truck/Trailer, Energy, Marine, Material Handling, Military, Marine, etc.



Technical Specification

Rotation 180°, 360°
Output Mode Front Flange, Double Flanges
Mounting Front Flange, Rear flanges
Drive Torque Nm@21Mpa 24000
Holding Torque Nm@21Mpa 59000
Max Cantilever Moment Capacity Nm 72900
Max Straddle Moment Capacity 180° Nm 170000
Max Straddle Moment Capacity 360° Nm 256500
Radial Capacity Kg 11800
Axial Capacity Kg 8200
Displacement 180° cc 6000
Displacement 360° cc 12000
Weight 180° Kg 360
Weight 360° Kg 455


Torque Versus Hydraulic Pressure and Loads

The driving torque and holding torque are approximately linear with hydraulic pressure. As moment loads increase, drive torque may be reduced by up to 15%.


Mounting Dimensions

WL30 (2)
D1 Mounting Flange Dia mm


D2 Pilot Dia mm


D3 Shaft And Endcap Flange Dia mm


D4 Housing Dia mm


F1 Mounting Hole Of Shaft Flange mm


F2 Qty of Shaft Flange Mounting Holes


F3 Bolt Circle Dia of Shaft Flange mm


F4 Mounting Hole Of Endcap Flange mm


F5 Qty of Endcap Flange Mounting Hole


F6 Bolt Circle Diameter of Endcap Flange


H1 Centerline To Valve Top mm


L1 Overall Length 180° mm


L1 Overall Length 360° mm


L2 Length Without Rotating Flange 180° mm


L2 Length Without Rotating Flange 360° mm


L3 Shaft Flange To Counterbalance Valve 180°  mm


L3 Shaft Flange To Counterbalance Valve 360°  mm


L4 Mounting Flange Thickness mm


L5 Shaft Flange To Mounting Flange Face mm


P1, P2 Port ISO-1179-1/BSPP ‘G’ series, size 1/8 ~1/4. See drawing for details.
V1, V2 Port ISO-11926/SAE series, size 7/16. See drawing for details.
*Specification charts are for general reference only, please consult drawing for actual values and tolerances.

Valves Option

The counterbalance valve protects rotation in the event of a hydraulic line failure and protect the actuator against excessive torque loading.
Hydraulic Schematic of Optional Counterbalance Valve.
The counterbalance valve is optional on-demand. SUN brands or other top brands are available for different requests.


Standard Valve for L30-17 and L30-25 180 Degree Models

Manufactured from aluminum, the valve blocks are bolted to a flat mounting pad on the actuator housing. Three bolts secure the valve block to the actuator. See specification pages for valve location.

The pilot ratio is 3:1. The valves are set to relieve at 3300 psi ± 300 psi (228 bar ±21 bar).

Mounting Type



Steering, Boom positioning, Drill positioning, Platform/basket/jib rotation, Conveyor positioning, Davit rotation, Mast/hatch positioning, Access ramp deploy, Attachment rotation, Shotcrete nozzle rotation, Pipe handling, Brush positioning, etc.

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