200° 220° Helical Hydraulic Rotary Actuator – WL40 Series

Short Description:

Torque: Up to 6,700N·m

Rotation: 200°, 220°

Counterbalance Valve: Optional

Interchangeable Brands: HELAC, HKS, and MOVECO

Mounting type: Foot

Warranty: 1 years

Product Detail

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Feature and Benefits

Powerful – The torque ranges from 2,800N·m to 6,700N·m, so WL4o helical hydraulic rotary actuators are mainly appled to garbage trucks.

Durable – WL40 helical hydraulic rotary cylinders are made of high-quality forged steel and painted twice to work in the highly corrosive environment.

Compact – Integrated design for higher power density to work in the tiny spaces.

Holds Position – 0 internal leakage, smoother operation, no external brake required.

Simplifies - Eliminating bearings, linkages, and brackets simplifies the design and reduces the bill of materials.

Backdrives in Overload Conditions – Hydraulic fuse, prevents mechanical damage.


Drive Torque Comparasion of WL40 Series Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

Other Parameters

Model/Specifications WL40-028 WL40-050 WL40-067
HOLDING TORQUE(N·m) 6100 10600 14300
Standard Rotation 220° 220° 200°
RADIAL CAPACITY(kg) 2040 3130 3900
AXIAL CAPACITY(kg) 2040 3130 3900
DISPLACEMENT 180°(cc) 775 1360 1650
WEIGHT(kg) 33.6 58 75
Mounting Type Foot Foot Foot
Output Mode Splindle, Shaft Splindle, Shaft Splindle, Shaft

Note: All the parameters are tested @21Mpa.


Applications & Market

Agricultural Machines

Aerial Working Platforms


Garbage Trucks

Drilling Machines

Construction Attachments

Energy Industry


hydraulic rotary actuators applications


Product Packing

package of hydraulic rotary actuator

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