How Do Rotary Actuators Identify Angles of Rotation?

Many people probably know that the rotation power is one of the key features of a hydraulic rotary actuator. But do you know how does it figure our the angle of rotation? A hydraulic rotary actuator has a multi helical gears system. The helical gears system drives the piston move from the head to end, which changes the linear movement to rotation movement. The longer the movement stroke is, the bigger the rotation angle is. The most common rotation angles of the hydraulic rotary actuator are 180°, 220°, 360°. We can also make different rotation according to customer’s request. The maximum rotation angle is 1500°, and the rotation precision can reach 0.1°. If the hydraulic rotary actuator works in position for long time, a counterbalance valve can be equipped.

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rotation angle of hydraulic rotary actuator

Post time: Aug-02-2022