Empowering Industries: Hydraulic Rotary Actuators Shine at PTC Expo

The PTC Asia will be held in Shanghai, China from 2023/10/24 – 2023/10/27. We welcome this important moment with excitement. At this exhibition, we will demonstrate the excellence of our flagship product – hydraulic rotary actuators to customers around the world.



The Hydraulic Rotary Actuator is our star product with outstanding performance and a wide range of applications. It is an efficient hydraulic device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical motion to achieve rotational action. At the PTC Asia (BOOTH OE3-D604), you will see our representative models of helical rotary actuators.



Our hydraulic rotary actuators use advanced technology and materials and have the following characteristics:
**High-Precision Control: Our hydraulic rotary actuators provide superior rotational control, ensuring precise motion in a variety of industrial applications.
**Super torque: They can withstand high torque loads. The current conventional models can reach 24000Nm of torque, which is suitable for tasks that require strong driving. 
**Durability: Our products are precision-engineered and quality-controlled to ensure their long-term reliability and longevity.
**Diversity: Hydraulic rotary actuators are available in a variety of specifications and configurations to meet the needs of different industries, including industrial machinery, construction equipment, automation systems, and more.



WEITAI will provide customers with excellent product value, service value, and cooperation value:
** Product value:
-High performance: Our hydraulic rotary actuators provide superior performance, helping customers’ equipment become more efficient and precise. 
-Reliability: The helical actuators are rigorously tested to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments.
-Energy saving: Using our hydraulic rotary actuators can reduce energy consumption and help customers save costs.

** Service value:
-Technical Support: We have an experienced engineering team that can provide professional technical support and solutions to meet customers’ specific needs.
-Professional Solutions: We are able to provide professional hydraulic system solutions based on customers’ specific requirements to meet their unique application needs.
- Sales Service: Our rotating cylinder has a 12-month warranty and promises to provide timely after-sales support to ensure the long-term and stable operation of customer equipment.

** Cooperation value:
-We welcome establishing cooperative relationships with new customers and discussing cooperation opportunities together to meet the evolving market needs.
-For existing customers, we hope to provide more cooperation opportunities through the exhibition, including contract renewal, upgrade, and expansion.

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We sincerely invite you to visit our booth, experience our hydraulic rotary actuators for yourself, and have face-to-face discussions with our team. We are eagerly looking forward to meeting you at the PTC exhibition.
Booth number: [ BOOTH OE3-D604 ]

If you wish to book a meeting or require more information, please feel free to contact us: 86-532-68721157, wtrotaryactuator@gmail.com.


Post time: Oct-16-2023