Hydraulic Quick Hitch Coupler Hydraulic Tilt Coupler WPT07

Short Description:

  • Model: WPT07
  • Application: Excavator
  • Tag: Power tilt
  • Tag: Tilt coupler
  • Tag: Quick coupler
  • Product Detail

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    Integral rotary union for coupler • Reduced weight • Improved holding force

    Hardened seal and bearing surfaces • Integrated cross-port relief valve • Versatile coupler configurations

    powertilt 6
    powertilt 6



    Technical Specification

    Maximum Machine Weight /kg 7000
    Approximate Power Tilt Weight /kg 96
    Total Tilt 180°
    Driving Torque Nm@207bar 4375
    Holding Torque Nm@225bar 14850
    Required Oil Flow l/min 13-38
    Circuit Pressure Max 207
    Oil Passages for Quick Coupler 2130

    Powertilt Terminology

    powertilt 7


    Types of Tilt Couplers:

    1 Power Tilt: Power tilt couplers are equipped with hydraulic cylinders that allow for automated tilting of the bucket or attachment. Operators can control the tilt angle using controls within the cab, providing precise and efficient adjustments.

    2 Rotary Tilt: Rotary tilt couplers combine the benefits of power tilt with the ability to rotate the attachment 360 degrees. This enables operators to achieve maximum flexibility and reach, making them ideal for tasks that require extensive rotation and maneuverability.


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